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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishclass struggleˌclass ˈstruggle (also class war) noun [singular, uncountable]  PPPin Marxist theory, political opposition and the fight for economic power between capitalists (=the owners of property, factories etc) and the proletariat (=the workers)
Examples from the Corpus
class struggleEquality in poverty might mean civil population contentment whereas glaring inequalities sow the seeds of a class struggle or revolution.How could I absorb the language of atheistic materialism and class struggle when it seemed so strange and pernicious?Class and social change Class struggle Marx believed that the class struggle was the driving force of social change.She has minimized the revolutionary fervor and emphasis on class struggle that permeate Beaumarchais' original play.Poulantzas must therefore take into account both social structures and the class struggle to understand the course of events.Concessions which judges make to workers at one moment in the class struggle may be removed at another.The class approach centers on the examination of the tactics of class domination and the dynamics of the class struggle.