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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdemocraticdem‧o‧crat‧ic /ˌdeməˈkrætɪk◂/ ●●○ W3 adjective  1 PGcontrolled by representatives who are elected by the people of a country a democratic government the role of the media in the democratic process2 PPPorganized according to the principle that everyone has a right to be involved in making decisions a democratic management style3 organized according to the principle that everyone in a society is equally important, no matter how much money they have or what social class they come from a democratic society4 (also Democratic) belonging to or supporting the Democratic Party of the USrepublican the Democratic nominee for the presidencydemocratically /-kli/ adverb democratically elected councils
Examples from the Corpus
democraticHunger is, in this sense, a question of democracy and democratic control.The Communist Party was voted out of power in the nation's first democratic elections in decades.a democratic governmentWhile democratic governments are giving away the Empire which our fathers won, our people are abandoned to poverty and unemployment.Costa Rica is often mentioned as an example of what countries can accomplish under stable, democratic governments.It may be easier for an authoritarian regime than for a democratic one to carry out economic restructuring.Certainly there may be situations and organizations for which the democratic principle is inappropriate.A democratic process of elections should ensure a fair level of representation.Open, free, and fair elections are the most basic element of the democratic process.In this perspective, people's control over their health and their health services is a democratic right.Who are exercising their democratic rights?Some people favor a more democratic style of parenting, saying they fear being too strict with their children.Elsewhere, however, the democratic test has been more loosely applied.democratic governmentHaving made real progress in establishing democratic governments and free markets, they seek to professionalize their military establishments.While democratic governments are giving away the Empire which our fathers won, our people are abandoned to poverty and unemployment.If there is any point at all to democratic government it is, surely, to redress the balance in our favour.By nature the education investments of democratic governments tend to be egalitarian.In addition, the generals are threatening to overthrow the first democratic government the country has had in 40 years.It was a unilateral action that risked general war in support of a less than democratic government threatened by pro-Nasser Arabs.No democratic government, with elections to win and problems to solve, can find these questions easy.