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drivedrive2 ●●● S2 W2 noun  1 IN A CARin a car [countable]TTC a journey in a cardrive to/along etc Let’s go for a drive along the coast. Taylor took me for a drive through the town.an hour’s/a two-hour etc drive It’s a two-hour drive from Calais to Thiepval.see thesaurus at journey2 NATURAL NEEDnatural need [countable]HBH a strong natural need or desire The treatment will not affect your sex drive.3 OUTSIDE YOUR HOUSEoutside your house [countable]DH the hard area or road between your house and the street syn drivewayin/on the drive He parked his car in the drive.4 A FIGHT FOR somethingeffort [countable]PPPSSO an effort to achieve something, especially an effort by an organization for a particular purpose a recruitment drive for new members an economy drive (=effort to reduce spending)drive to do something a nationwide drive to crack down on crime5 determination [uncountable]ENERGETIC determination and energy to succeed Brian has got tremendous drive. 6 POWERpower [uncountable]TTCTEM the power from an engine that makes the wheels of a vehicle go roundfront-wheel/rear-wheel/four-wheel drive7 computer [countable] a piece of equipment in a computer that is used to get information from a disk or to store information on ithard/floppy/A etc drive disk drive8 SPORTsport [countable]DS an act of hitting a ball hard, especially in tennis, baseball, or golf He hit a long, high drive to right field.9 MILITARY ATTACKmilitary attack [countable]PM several military attacksdrive into a drive deep into enemy territory10 animals [countable] when animals such as cows or sheep are brought together and made to move in a particular direction11 Drive
Examples from the Corpus
driveIt's a beautiful day for a drive in the country.The infantry made a drive deep into enemy territory.Let's take a drive out to the farm.Put your disk in the "A" drive and click on "save."Brown was hired to lead a cattle drive north to the Canadian border.The government's economy drive has failed to produce the expected savings.As part of the bank's efficiency drive substantial cuts are being made in the workforce.If you have a low-profile computer without a free drive bay, you may have no choice but to replace the original.But where was the gear drive for the drill mechanism to come from?Griffey hit a long, high drive to right field.It's a two-hour drive to Hamilton from here.He's clever enough, but he lacks drive.She was found dead at her home in Maple Drive.It's about a 20-minute drive into the city from here.The beach is just a 20-minute drive from the city.I needed to realign my life, it said, not just my putt or my drive.We need a new drive for investment in Britain's inner cities.The workers were laid off in July 1994 when Sprint abruptly closed the company amid a union organizing drive.a scenic driveGeorge played the entire first quarter and started the first scoring drive, which Klingler finished.The male sex drive is not necessarily stronger than the female.The Health Department launched an anti-smoking drive.Not much to look at, because the front lawn and the drive to the Manor were a shambles.Bladder clenched, Thérèse limped down the drive behind her silent father.Greg certainly has the drive to become a good lawyer.The drive takes twelve hours in all.The government must continue this drive to find new, cleaner forms of energy.The pickup has four-wheel drive.took ... for a driveHe took them for drives, showing her the extraordinary beauties of Umbria.Mrs Sargent was kind; she took them for drives in the car.sex driveFor many men, having a powerful sex drive is essential to their confidence.These drugs may affect your sex drive.in/on the driveA little before noon I heard his car in the drive, then the bell.The average annual catch, mainly of striped dolphins, in the drive fisheries between 1975 and 1986 was 4734.He invited you up the pitch to meet him on the drive.Even inmates in Colorado prisons got in on the drive when Ross took envelopes to them to be addressed for mail solicitations.In 1975, a record kill year, approximately 20,000 striped dolphins were killed in the drives.Its real importance lies in the drive to refine the whole of physics into a single question.I hope you are all well with exams safely over and not too much ice and snow on the drive.He could hear a car drawing up on the drive outside.drive to do somethingShe is backing a drive to get more women top jobs.It was looking for Camby to take the shot and simply watched Bright drive to the hoop for an easy layup.Now she has joined the Breakthrough fundraising drive to build a research centre in London.It will also move a program from one hard drive to another or from one computer to another.One is the drive to allow retirees to earn more money without having their Social Security checks reduced.Nevertheless the drive to achieve cuts even at the expense of standards has intensified.has ... driveIt has been checked on the dyno and Bertie has driven the car with the two management systems.His brother has never driven a cab before either; this was going to be his first day.By criminalizing physician-assisted suicide, the Supreme Court has driven a criminal wedge between the dying and their doctors.This bus driver has driven us to the promised land.He has driven in 74 runs, and he is batting. 512 in 82 at- bats with men in scoring position.It seems that everyone in Sierra has been driven mad by the heat.Each input-output tile has a 5mA drive capability and is not dedicated to a particular input-output pad.If that happens, it will be Miller's ambition which has driven Hibs to another big occasion.front-wheel/rear-wheel/four-wheel driveHire a four-wheel drive vehicle - there are lots of off-the-beaten-track spots to discover.The track soon becomes rocky and steep, but not too much of a challenge for a decent four-wheel drive.Type: Front-engine, four-wheel drive, nine-passenger, full-size sport utility.So why not fit four-wheel drive?Three teams in 1969 raced four-wheel drive - Lotus, Tyrrell-Matra and who was the third?She was an International Harvester Scout four-wheel drive.I checked the four-wheel drive lever, eased off the brake and started forward.Its name stands for recreational active vehicle with four-wheel drive and is priced for entry-level buyers.hard/floppy/A etc driveThere is an option to mount an additional 5.25inch floppy drive in a spare bay to the right.An unscrupulous programmer could write an ActiveX program designed to erase a hard drive or deposit a virus.Then he sat his boxed bear on the front seat beside him and went for a drive.This is a drive to loiter over, a spot or series of spots to invest a fine day in.I feel lousy when I have some terrific game to review and there's no space on my hard drive for it.One answer to the problem is to add a second hard drive.For a while, when hard drives were relatively small, you could back up your data on floppy disks.It has a kind of cassette tape that stores the data from your hard drive.