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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfiatfi‧at /ˈfiːæt, ˈfaɪæt/ noun [countable] formal  PPPan official order given by someone in a position of authority, without considering what other people wantby fiat The matter was settled by presidential fiat.
Examples from the Corpus
fiatThe infantilism and cretinism of the press, for example, can't be cured by a fiat.This water was oily and fiat.Lesley had issued her fiat with such confidence that she had taken his compliance for granted.A fine dusting of sulfide covers the nearby fiat surfaces of sheeted lavas.A bell buoy tolled from across the fiat stretch of gray water beyond.They were worried about her being alone in the fiat and had wondered whether she was pregnant or had taken drugs.Non mea voluntas sed Tua fiat, he thought.by fiatPublic policy issues cannot be settled by fiat.