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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnon-partisanˌnon-partiˈsan / $ ˌ. ˈ.../ adjective  PPGPPPnot supporting the ideas of any political party or group a non-partisan research group
Examples from the Corpus
non-partisanThey were relatively non-partisan and pursued policies which would least disturb the social fabric.The assumption is that senior civil servants are non-partisan and serve ministers loyally irrespective of politics.His Mirror Group papers were non-partisan, but they were, equally, not identified with colonial rule.It finally cashed in its accumulated non-partisan capital in a campaign of truly massive proportions - the Peace Ballot of 1934-35.Under these circumstances, his intervention could not possibly be perceived as an unambiguously patriotic and non-partisan gesture.Its leaders were determined to maintain an independent and non-partisan identity.But the cooperative spirit of a non-partisan summit between the president and 40 attorneys general quickly gave way to election-year politics.