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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpacifistpac‧i‧fist /ˈpæsɪfɪst/ noun [countable]  PPPsomeone who believes that wars are wrong and who refuses to use violencepacifist adjective [only before noun] the pacifist movement
Examples from the Corpus
pacifistThe Labour candidate advocating a pacifist programme, reversed a large Conservative majority in a seat never before held by Labour.Bergson was imprisoned as a pacifist during the World War I.Ramsey could not say he was a pacifist.A pacifist, a socialist, and many other wonderful, otherworldly things.For their part, neither Carrillo nor Guzman are considered pacifists within the drug trade.The Moravians turned out to be less consistent pacifists.The East Fulham by-election in October 1933 proved a significant pointer to the strength of pacifist sentiment.For the pacifist mainstream, however, the threatened industrial explosion fed nightmares of social collapse rather than dreams of international peace.All were pacifists and, at least at the beginning of their careers, socialists.