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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishradicalrad‧i‧cal1 /ˈrædɪkəl/ ●●○ W3 AWL adjective  1 change/differenceVERY a radical change or difference is very big and important opp slight They are proposing radical changes to the way the company is run. a radical reform of the tax system There are radical differences between the two organizations.2 opinionsPPP radical ideas are very new and different, and are against what most people think or believeconservative He has put forward some very radical ideas. I was shocked by her radical views. a radical approach to education3 people someone who is radical has ideas that are very new and different, and against what most people think or believe a radical left-wing politician a radical feminist4 good American English informalENJOY/LIKE DOING something very good or enjoyable That was one radical party last night!COLLOCATIONSnounsa radical changeIf that offer is serious, it will mark a radical change in policy.a radical transformation (=a complete change in appearance, especially when this is an improvement)The city has undergone a radical transformation.radical measures (=extreme actions)Instead of retreating, he suggested even more radical measures.radical reform (=big changes to a system or organization in order to improve it)He said the institution was in need of radical reform.a radical overhaul (=big changes in order to improve something)government plans for a radical overhaul of the health care systema radical differenceThere is a radical difference between this and other dieting methods.a radical departure (=something very different)The design of the building is a radical departure from tradition.a radical rethink (=when you think about a plan or idea again in a very different way)The Conservative Party leader called for a radical rethink of economic policy.
Examples from the Corpus
radicalIt is instructive to recall that the cause of conservation was conservative before it was ever radical.It was' 68, and we were both, you know, radical, and civil rights, and feminism.He recommended a radical change in her diet.Within the living memory of the older inhabitants of Dornie, there have been radical changes affecting both these waterways.It was an incredibly radical decision.Radical differences within the group began to appear.Can it avoid self-destruction caused by the strong ideological differences among its moderate and its more radical factions?a radical leftist groupYou give too much publicity to radical oddballs...But the combination, the combination of visionary stuff and radical politics: that troubled me.She hunted stereotypes down as if they were sewer rats and stuck radical slogans to the fridge door.The goals of this movement were to seek minimal economic improvements while preventing campesinos from looking for more radical solutions.radical changesSome politicians are raising more radical changes.That may be so, but when I first knew them there had been radical changes.The price of this pragmatism has been to disappoint those who expected radical changes after Independence.In the next decade, microcomputers will stimulate radical changes in every part of the educational system.The widening of educational opportunity in the immediate post-war period was not accompanied by radical changes in its content.This is likely to lead to radical changes in the committee's procedures, which could be implemented next year.These new ideas demand radical changes in the design of the entire business process.Before we make any radical changes such as doing away with jury trials, should we not think very carefully indeed?radical ideasSuch conditions fuelled discontent and facilitated the spread of radical ideas.Yet far from ensuring loyalty to the statusquo, their elevated position made students receptive to radical ideas.Student assemblies, cafeterias, and libraries provided a semi-institutional network within which radical ideas and literature could circulate.But radical ideas are needed to form a new model of the public sector-dynamic, decentralised and democratic.Most new radical ideas in science turn out to be incorrect; only a tiny fraction turn out to be correct.Blackwell's radical ideas point to the tentative beginnings of a discourse on active female sexuality.It is more likely that the incorporation of radical ideas will contribute to their dilution and distraction.