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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdisorderdis‧or‧der /dɪsˈɔːdə $ -ˈɔːrdər/ ●○○ noun  1 [countable] medicalMI a mental or physical illness which prevents part of your body from working properlya disorder of the brain/liver/digestive system etc He suffers from a rare disorder of the liver.a stomach/lung/heart etc disordera mental/psychiatric disorder people with mental disorders severe eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexiasee thesaurus at illness2 [uncountable]PPSCL a situation in which a lot of people behave in an uncontrolled, noisy, or violent way in publiccivil/public/crowd disorder A number of stadiums were closed because of crowd disorder.3 [uncountable]UNTIDY a situation in which things or people are very untidy or disorganized opp orderin/into disorder Everything was in disorder, but nothing seemed to be missing. His whole system was thrown into disorder.COLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + disordera genetic disorder (=caused by a gene from your parents)Progeria is a genetic disorder which accelerates ageing.a mental/psychiatric/psychological disorder (=affecting the mind)He was diagnosed with a severe psychiatric disorder.a blood/brain/liver etc disorderShe suffers from a rare brain disorder.an eating disorder (=in which someone stops eating a normal amount of food)Eating disorders can be very difficult to treat.a personality disorder (=that stops someone behaving in a normal way)The study suggested that 84% of prisoners have a personality disorder.a common/rare disorderAcne is a very common skin disorder.verbshave a disorderThe singer admitted she had an eating disorder.suffer from a disorderPeople who are suffering from psychological disorders often fail to get treatment.develop a disorderWomen are 30% more likely to develop the disorder than men.treat a disorderThe drug is used to treat lung disorders.a disorder affects somebody/somethingMany genetic disorders affect only girls or only boys.
Examples from the Corpus
disorderYou can't have law and order without lawlessness and disorder, just as you can't have light without darkness.In and out of their feet and the horses' hooves scurried the hounds in cheerful disorder.Thus, clinical disorders of volume are caused by disturbances of salt balance.And if attention-deficit disorder may be present, additional evaluation is required.After two years of therapy, Duane was able to conquer his eating disorder.Children with eating disorders such as anorexia need close supervision.But although unconscious feelings have traditionally been associated with severe emotional disorder, they are not the prerogative of the acutely disturbed.a serious heart disorderAfter several hours of fierce fighting, the rebel troops retreated in disorder.The entire apartment was in disorder, but nothing seemed to have been stolen.The smallest problem can throw all their services into disorder.Eventually after weeks of tests they discovered I had a rare liver disorder.We didn't need the gene sequence to find most monogenic disorders.Children who suffer from personality disorders often receive little or no treatment until it's too late.There was no evidence of her having a psychiatric disorder, although it was clear that she had become withdrawn since the breakup of her relationship.The country's civil war came at the end of a long period of social disorder.Minor stomach disorders are common when travelling abroad.Subsequently, Stoneham declared martial law, brought in all available troops, and suppressed the disorder.In addition to these disorders, two specific enzyme defects have been reported to cause primary adult gout.The hospital specializes in treating disorders of the brain.eating disordersThey pointed to evidence which shows that people who diet may be at increased risk for binge eating and eating disorders.Some have shifted their focus to other psychiatric disorders, such as eating disorders.The relationship between eating disorders and compulsive physical exercise may be totally intertwined.For the most part, the researchers are split into two camps: pro-diet medical researchers and anti-diet eating disorders researchers.Nevertheless, eating disorders do show a familial aggregation.She freely quoted eating disorders experts who had long opposed dieting but had received little ink for their efforts.The eating disorders include compulsive overeating and severe anorexia, both being found in some patients.Shape dissatisfaction, endemic to young women in western culture, elicits restrictive dieting that increases the vulnerability to eating disorders.civil/public/crowd disorderHunger, disease and civil disorder would destroy what was left of civilization.Later, the Met hopes to give tasers to the Territorial Support Group, which deals with riots and public disorder.Most movement is voluntary; some is involuntary and in response to conflict, civil disorder, and natural disaster.By 1968,15,000 men had been trained for handling civil disorder.Such variables are too specific to industrial relations to be included in the flashpoints model of public disorder.Several features of the Act which were designed to reduce the possibility of public disorder seem more likely to promote its occurrence.It hopes for a significant export trade in this latest answer to civil disorder.The police capacity to respond to public disorder has greatly improved since the riots.thrown into disorderThe Night Goblins and Orcs were thrown into disorder.