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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdissentdis‧sent1 /dɪˈsent/ ●○○ noun  1 [uncountable]PP refusal to agree with an official decision or accepted opinion syn opposition, → consent, assent the ruthless suppression of political dissent These voices of dissent grew louder.2 [countable] lawSCT a statement by a judge giving their reasons for disagreeing with the other judges in a law case
Examples from the Corpus
dissentIf dissent is voiced, self-appointed mind-guards apply verbal and non-verbal pressure to isolate dissenters.No dissent from or criticism of Kim Il Sung, his tenets, or his decisions was permitted.And the entire team were warned about their over-enthusiastic appealing and shows of dissent.Bodie ignored the sounds of dissent.During the Prime Minister's speech there were several murmurs of open dissent from the crowd.Chapter 5 looks at attempts to explain violent political dissent and the surge of revolutionary movements.The Communist authorities have done nothing less than silence all public dissent.At no time, however, did they use such draconian measures to stifle dissent.Ministers might justly argue that in this case the dissent is also politically ambiguous, given the diverse support for the amendment.Anti-war dissent was increasing by the time Nixon took office.voices of dissentAlthough voices of dissent are being heard, there is no sign of the supermodel phenomenon abating in the near future.He said there would always be some voices of dissent.The voices of dissent were effectively smothered.