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fermentfer‧ment2 /ˈfɜːment $ ˈfɜːr-/ noun [uncountable]  PPa situation of great excitement or trouble in a country, especially caused by political change syn turmoilin ferment In the 1960s, American society was in ferment.political/intellectual/cultural etc ferment the artistic ferment of the late sixth century
Examples from the Corpus
fermentThe reformulations are there because there is a ferment of thought in process, demanding words.Yet there is a great religious fervor and ferment evident among not only young people but old and middle-aged as well.And like the Hill, here people of such different backgrounds were tossed together into one grand ferment.Not all the banlieues are in ferment, of course.Town-planning ideas were in ferment from another direction too.Thirteen others arrested during the ferment are being brought before the courts in two batches.political/intellectual/cultural etc fermentIt was an age of intellectual ferment too.