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firefire2 ●●○ S3 W3 verb  1 shoot [intransitive, transitive]SHOOT to shoot bullets or bombsfire at/on/into Soldiers fired on the crowd.fire something at somebody The police fired two shots at the suspects before they surrendered.fire a gun/weapon/rifle etc (=make it shoot) the sound of a gun being firedfire bullets/missiles/rockets etc Guerrillas fired five rockets at the capital yesterday, killing 23 people.see thesaurus at shoot2 jobLEAVE A JOB OR ORGANIZATION [transitive] to force someone to leave their job syn sack British Englishbe/get fired She didn’t want to get fired.fire somebody from something I’ve just been fired from my job, and I don’t know what to do.fire somebody for something The airline fired him for being drunk.RegisterIn written English, people usually say that someone is dismissed rather than fired, which is slightly informal: He was dismissed for being drunk.3 excite [transitive]EXCITEDINTERESTED to make someone feel interested in something and excited about it syn inspirebe fired with enthusiasm I was fired with enthusiasm to go traveling in Asia.fire somebody’s enthusiasm/imagination stories of magic and adventure that fire children’s imaginations4 fire questions at somebody5 wood-fired/gas-fired/coal-fired6 clay [transitive]TIP to bake bricks, clay pots etc in a kiln fired earthenware7 engine [intransitive]TTC if a vehicle’s engine fires, the petrol is lit to make the engine work8 be firing on all cylindersTHESAURUSfire (also dismiss formal) to make someone leave their job, especially because they have done something wrongHe was fired for surfing the Internet during work time.Harris was caught stealing, and was dismissed from his job.sack/give somebody the sack British English informal to make someone leave their job, especially because they are not good at it, or because they have done something wrongBates was sacked from his job after the team failed to win any games.His boss gave him the sack for taking too much time off work.lay somebody off to make a lot of workers, especially workers in a large factory or organization, leave their jobs, because there is not enough work for them to do, or not enough money to pay their wages3000 car workers have been laid off at the factory in Cleveland.make somebody redundant British English to make someone leave their job because they are no longer needed5 staff will be made redundant at the end of this month.let somebody go to make someone leave their job, Used by employers to avoid saying directly that they are getting rid of peopleWe’ve had to let two members of staff go.discharge to make someone leave their job in the army, air force etcGrant had been discharged from the navy for threatening an officer.ease somebody out to make someone leave their job in a way that makes it seem as if they have chosen to leaveHe had been eased out of office in an attempt to prevent a political crisis.relieve somebody of their post/position formal to make someone leave their job because they have done something wrong – used especially to avoid saying this directly, and also when the job is a powerful oneThe colonel and two other senior officers were relieved of their posts. fire away fire back fire something ↔ off fire somebody ↔ up→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
fireYou're fired!He regained his balance, took aim, and fired.Suddenly the car stopped, and the passenger got out and fired a Kalashnikov rifle at the police car.The company fired a top executive for his role in improper financial dealings.Not only can he be fired again, but probably he will be fired again.As soldiers jumped out of the lorries, firing all around, helicopter gunships appeared overhead.No shot is fired and no further shots may be fired that game - the gun is now useless.Chapa was fired at the same time as Lozano.As soon as we crossed the border, enemy troops started firing at us.The two hapless groups of men now mostly hid, endured, and awaited their opportunity to fire back or escape.The system has previously undergone six months of preliminary tests in the same Redwood City neighborhood, with officers firing blanks.Several shots were fired, but no one was injured.She was fired for serious professional misconduct.When Max was fired from his job the whole family had to pack up and leave town.He was just impossible to work with, and in the end they fired him.During the night the accused fired his air gun out of the window of his first-floor flat.The police fired into the air to make the crowd break up.He's getting ready to fire me, she thought.Kendrick fired three shots at the President's car.fire bullets/missiles/rockets etcIt had two lids which you closed once you were in, and instead of bullets, it fired rockets.Police believe the weapon may have been a standard cartridge shotgun, specially adapted to fire bullets.A gun is known to fire bullets at precisely three hundred and thirty meters per second.There exist rifles which fire bullets faster than the speed of sound.The guerrillas still fire rockets from well inside the security perimeter.Gunshots crackled as police fired bullets into the air.The device, which used a shotgun modified to fire bullets, was concealed in a wooden box hidden among trees.be/get firedAfter three or four losses, there were rumors that Paul was going to get fired.And, even after that policy fell, it would be another decade before flight attendants could become pregnant without getting fired.Not only can he be fired again, but probably he will be fired again.She knew too much to be fired and she refused to be bought out with money or offers of promotion.Gas-operated and self-loading from a thirty-round magazine, they could be fired from the shoulder or the hip.The idea was to enclose the pottery to be fired in a chamber.Some directory-assistance operators and installation and maintenance employees will be fired, Sheth predicts.If Anderson does not accept terms at four, the orders are he shall be fired upon.