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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishglazeglaze1 /ɡleɪz/ verb  1 [intransitive] (also glaze over)EXPRESS if your eyes glaze over, they show no expression, usually because you are very bored or tired Sometimes his eyes would glaze over for a second or two.2 [transitive]TIP to cover plates, cups etc made of clay with a thin liquid that gives them a shiny surface3 [transitive]DFC to cover food with a liquid which gives it an attractive shiny surface Glaze the rolls with egg white.4 [transitive]DHT to fit glass into window frames in a house, door etc→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
glazeBy the second chapter, your eyes begin to glaze.We later learned that the dishes had not been properly glazed.Temperatures fell suddenly, glazing all highways in the region.When a pot is glazed it typically undergoes two firings.Their faces glaze over as if in a trance.Beyond that point, unless her interest is awakened, Mrs Thatcher's eyes glaze over.The rolls are glazed with egg before they are baked.