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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbeambeam1 /biːm/ ●●○ noun [countable]  1 LIGHT a) LIGHTa line of light shining from the sun, a lamp etc the beam of a powerful flashlight b) TPa line of light, energy etc that you cannot see a laser beam2 WOOD/METALTBCa long heavy piece of wood or metal used in building houses, bridges etc3 SMILESMILEa wide happy smile a beam of delight4 off beam5 SPORTDSOa balance beam6 TTW technical the widest part of a ship from side to side broad in the beam at broad1(11)
Examples from the Corpus
beamThe following day Paula's body was found hanging from a beam in the garage.a 55-ton concrete beamMaggie stumbled across the field with only a narrow beam of light from her flashlight to help her.Q.. My ceiling has painted beams that intersect at several crossing points.He thought about hanging himself from the roof beam, but lacked the resolve.The Commission will, of course, have a spy beam on our conversation.Using handholds in the wood to steady herself, she crept back along the beam, hauling Simon along with her.Break the beam and it shoots you.Her head hit the beam and she slid down and hit her shoulder.We could see the beams of searchlights scanning the sky.