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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfluorescentflu‧o‧res‧cent /flʊəˈresənt $ flʊ-, flɔː-/ adjective  1 CCTPfluorescent colours are very bright and easy to see, even in the dark a fluorescent pink T-shirt2 a fluorescent light contains a tube filled with gas, which shines with a bright light when electricity is passed through itfluorescence noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
fluorescentHe gazed up at the fluorescent circle blinking overhead.If you plan to jog along roadsides, it's a good idea to wear at least one article of fluorescent clothing.I'm sorry, but fluorescent green socks are just not suitable for a job interview.This is placed on chemically treated plastic strips which react with cancer cells, turning a fluorescent green.The Aromatic Analyser replaces the current fluorescent indicator absorption methods.So it seems the future of compact fluorescent lamps is secure.It was tall and lit with bars of fluorescent light to top.At night he goes home, and in his stark white workshop, illuminated with fluorescent lights, he makes those signs.I wanted to increase the efficiency of my fluorescent tubes.