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gen‧e‧ra‧tion S2 W2
1 [countable also + plural verb British English] all people of about the same age:
Like most of my generation, I had never known a war.
In my generation the divorce rate is very high.
the need to preserve the planet for future generations
generation of
the post-war generation of writers
the younger/older generation (=the younger or older people in society)
The younger generation don't know what hard work is.
The story has been handed down from generation to generation.
2 [countable] all the members of a family of about the same age:
Friction is common when three generations live together.
first-generation/second-generation etc (=being a member of the first, second etc generation to live or be born in a country)
first-generation immigrants
a third-generation American
3 [countable] the average period of time between the birth of a person and the birth of that person's children
for generations
Some families have lived here for generations.
The country's attitude toward government is harsher than it was a generation ago.
4 [countable] a group of things that were developed from something else, or from which better things were developed
generation of
the new generation of mobile phones
the first generation of nuclear power stations
first-generation/second-generation etc
second-generation computers
5 [uncountable]TP the process of producing something or making something happen [= production]
generation of
the generation of electricity

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