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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishkeroseneker‧o‧sene, kerosine /ˈkerəsiːn/ noun [uncountable] especially American English, AusE  TPa clear oil that is burnt to provide heat or light syn paraffin British English a kerosene lamp
Examples from the Corpus
keroseneFurther cuts in government subsidies on petrol, diesel, kerosene and fertilizer were announced.In 1981 the government had to resort to crash purchases of kerosene to meet shortages.The brilliant yellow stain of kerosene light spilled itself out on the snow.In her dark cellar kitchen she showed me how to lay the kindling and pour kerosene to fire her wood-burning stove.The room was lit by a single kerosene hurricane lamp in the center of the table and a few candles.Our nostrils smelled wet grass, human sweat, kerosene, incense, charred flesh.The engines of the Atlas burned a modified aviation fuel, similar to kerosene, with liquid oxygen.In towns, kerosene is the main fuel for cooking.