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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtreadmilltread‧mill /ˈtredˌmɪl/ noun  1 treadmill.jpg [countable] a piece of exercise equipment that has a large belt around a set of wheels, that you can walk or run on while staying in the same place2 [singular]BORING work or a way of life that seems very boring because you always have to do the same things the treadmill of working in the office3 [countable]TP a mill worked in the past by prisoners treading on steps fixed to a very large wheel
Examples from the Corpus
treadmillJoin a gym or buy a treadmill?Each peahen is on a treadmill and dare not jump off lest she condemn her sons to celibacy.It has been described as bare-knuckle fighting without a ring and like setting toy mice on a treadmill.Here was a treadmill on which trainees got launched, often too quickly.Width often leads to superficiality and depth may produce a blinkered approach and an intellectual treadmill.An intensely private man, one can only assume the attractions of the year-round treadmill are wearing thin.And ask any worker about the treadmill, the maddening tedium.He ran two miles on the treadmill.