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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcertifycer‧ti‧fy /ˈsɜːtɪfaɪ $ ˈsɜːr-/ verb (certified, certifying, certifies) [transitive]  1 SAY/STATEto state that something is correct or true, especially after some kind of test The accounts were certified by an auditor.certify (that) We need to certify that the repairs have been satisfactorily carried out.certify somebody dead British English (=when a doctor says officially that a person is dead) The driver was certified dead at the scene.2 to give an official paper to someone which states that they have completed a course of training for a professioncertificatecertify somebody as something She was certified as a teacher in 1990.3 MPMIto officially state that someone is mentally ill→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
certifyWhile in Kurunagala Ellis also established a cattle voucher system whereby headmen had to certify all sales of cattle.Architects, engineers and other construction professionals certify amounts due from the owner to the contractor under construction contracts.Nancy was certified as a teacher in 1990.Both were certified by the Supreme Court.Payments are made to the exporter by the bank on presentation of documents certifying compliance with the original contract.The doctor certified me unfit to go to work for the next month.She paid a certified repair shop $ 90 for a diagnostic test and had $ 550 of additional work.Jim Mitchell is still getting the full respect due a certified San Francisco character.Thompson Brothers Farms grows certified seed potatoes, wheat, barley and pinto beans.Doctors have certified that the suspect was in a lot of pain at the time of the incident.Then we have to certify that this whole thing will perform.Sellers should submit documents certifying the value of the artwork.The aircraft must be certified to meet government safety standards.certify (that)This is all calibrated and certified.Khatami was not disqualified by the conservative Council of Guardians, which must certify all candidates.Of course, anyone forecasting such a scenario just five short years ago would have been certified completely insane.In such a case the reader would have to be cleared and certified for each category.Once a soldier had been certified medically deaf he was always shipped home.Two doctors certified that the patient had less than six months to live.Sotheby's certify the quality of Rembrandts, and the private University College at Buckingham certifies educational attainments of its students.Several new types of homebuilt are on the way which will tax the minds of authorities expected to certify them.