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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcognitivecog‧ni‧tive /ˈkɒɡnətɪv $ ˈkɑːɡ-/ ●○○ adjective formal  MPKNOW somethingrelated to the process of knowing, understanding, and learning something cognitive psychologycognitively adverb
Examples from the Corpus
cognitiveAll the evidence points to dreaming being a highly complex cognitive activity.Beginning with the emergence of preoperational reasoning, arguments and intellectual confrontations with others are a source of cognitive conflict and disequilibrium.Moreover, particular examples of the use or non-use of multiple points of view are not necessarily indicators of cognitive deprivation.With initial cognitive differentiations, the first acquired feelings are observed.The principal advantage of this drug is that it causes little sedation or impairment of cognitive function and no dysmorphic side effects.Estrogen is said to enhance cognitive function.She pursues the consequences of these differences for educational modes and for cognitive operations.Therapy based on these questions can be wonderful and effective for help with a wide variety of emotional or cognitive problems.