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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdementiade‧men‧tia /dɪˈmenʃə, -ʃiə $ -tʃə/ noun [uncountable]  MPan illness that affects the brain and memory, and makes you gradually lose the ability to think and behave normally
Examples from the Corpus
dementiaSpecialist, separate services for dementia sufferers v Negative segregation, that is, the refusal to accept dementing people into a service.However, dementia is seen as being specific to the elderly age groups.This is especially so when a diagnosis of dementia blinds works to remaining skills.Subjects - All patients with onset of dementia aged 40-64.The admission of a tenant already showing signs of dementia requires very careful consideration in the individual case.Interestingly, the dementia from this disease has different characteristics than the symptoms of Alzheimer's.The vast majority, 95 percent, of deaths certified as due to dementia were among those aged 65 +.