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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishFreudianFreud‧i‧an /ˈfrɔɪdiən/ adjective  1 MPrelating to Sigmund Freud’s ideas about the way the mind works, and the way it can be studied2 MPa Freudian remark or action is connected with the ideas about sex that people have in their minds but do not usually talk about
Examples from the Corpus
FreudianIt is never very apparent what Freudian claims are based on, though they are widely accepted in our culture.Most intelligent people who have not accepted Freudian indoctrination will ask him to tell that to the Marines.I shall leave Freudian interpretations to the reader.Perhaps not letting you know the party was off was a Freudian slip.Thus Freudian theory is regarded as a personality theory.This is a familiar point to those who know anything of Freudian theory.Slips of the tongue, especially those of the Freudian variety, are no crime.