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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsanitysan‧i‧ty /ˈsænəti/ noun [uncountable]  1 MPHBHthe condition of being mentally healthy opp insanitysane I began to doubt his sanity. She wondered if she was losing her sanity.2 MPMENTALLY ILL#when someone or something is being reasonable and sensiblesane Sanity appears to be returning to the stock market.regain/get back/recover your sanity I took a vacation to try to recover my sanity.
Examples from the Corpus
sanityStabilisation based on fiscal balance and monetary control is thus the sinequanon of a return to economic sanity.Sometimes I wonder how that child survived; maybe her diary helped keep her sanity.The pressures of his arrest and trial may have caused Garcia to lose his sanity.Although he was tempted to try and remain awake, he realised his sanity might be permanently impaired by that.Let's hope sanity prevails on Capitol Hill and they vote against this bill.My urge to prove my sanity made me gabble, and my gabbling disproved my claim.The strategy brings a degree of sanity to the chaos of investing in hot, albeit volatile stocks.The trio seemed like an oasis of sanity in a desert of decibels, and their severe music was warmly received.Simone and André would restore her sense of sanity.Meanwhile, first-term Mayor Bill Campbell is struggling to preserve sanity and decorum as Atlanta prepares for the world spotlight.I began to doubt Donald's sanity as his story got stranger and stranger.If you have your health and your sanity, money isn't really important.