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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishschizoidschiz‧oid /ˈskɪtsɔɪd/ adjective  1 technicalMP typical of schizophrenia a schizoid personality disorder2 CHANGE FROM ONE THING TO ANOTHERquickly changing between opposite opinions or attitudes Martin’s latest play is as schizoid and erratic as its characters.
Examples from the Corpus
schizoidMore accurately, the apathy and futility can be described as schizoid aloofness.At the time he was perfectly rational - he didn't feel schizoid - he was playing a part.As mentioned previously, the organization had been in a schizoid state in trying to cope with uncertainty in the marketplace.Gore was schizoid, suffering from a psychopathic disorder, requiring treatment for many years to come.I had none of the schizoid suicide's delusions about being able to survive my own death.But not all workers are dependent and prone to inner-directed aggression or to schizoid withdrawal.The emotional relationships can be of aggression, depression and, most of all, schizoid withdrawal.