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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishschizophrenicschiz‧o‧phren‧ic1 /ˌskɪtsəʊˈfrenɪk◂, -sə- $ -soʊ-, -sə-/ adjective  1 MPrelating to schizophrenia2 CHANGE FROM ONE THING TO ANOTHERquickly changing from one opinion, attitude etc to another The film was an example of schizophrenic movie-making at its worst.
Examples from the Corpus
schizophrenicWe are all deeply schizophrenic about roads.In both respects the schizophrenic brain appears to be abnormal.My several lives were often incompatible, and I led a schizophrenic existence.It was kind of schizophrenic, like a brain that was gone.This schizophrenic musical existence dragged on for years.The survey shows the schizophrenic nature of Americans' views on crime.Like the house, the impression off the landscape was schizophrenic, of richness and desolation equally.Each was admitted as suffering from schizophrenic symptoms.Sometimes the hallucinations associated with small seizures in the temporal lobe have characteristics suggestive of schizophrenic thought, especially paranoia.