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subconscious in Psychology, psychiatry topic

subconscioussubconscious2 noun [singular]  MPthe part of your mind that has thoughts and feelings you do not know about syn unconscious anger buried deep in the subconscious
Examples from the Corpus
subconsciousThe ghost of Ken Noakes shrivelled and vanished from her subconscious.Her subconscious had registered and clung on to those unfortunate comments made during the course of the operation.These conflicting values waged war in my subconscious.Obviously my subconscious was just waiting for me to give it an opportunity.McKenna instructed me to relax and revealed that he would be communicating with my subconscious through my finger signals.And when they inject themselves into our national dialogue, it is worth asking what they reveal about our national subconscious.Our subconscious plays tricks with us sometimes and we may imagine that we are seeing things such as ghosts.It worked for six weeks, but then Moya's subconscious started waking her earlier.These connections continue to be explored by psychologists who have studied the relationships between evolutionary genetics and the subconscious.When you go to sleep it is only the conscious mind that shuts down. The subconscious cannot do so.