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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsuperegosu‧per‧e‧go /ˌsuːpərˈiːɡəʊ, -ˈeɡəʊ $ -pərˈiːɡoʊ/ noun (plural superegos) [countable] technical  MPused in Freudian psychology to refer to the part of your mind that tells you whether what you are doing is morally right or wrong syn conscience, → ego, id
Examples from the Corpus
superegoGiddens in particular has pointed to the very varying ways in which Freud used the words id, ego and superego.They started to talk about the ego, id and superego as if they were physical realities located in the body.As we saw earlier, it was out of this primal conflict that human societies and the superego first emerged.Finally, the superego again acts as regulator over the tendency towards maximum inclusive fitness.Nevertheless, Freud did detect a providential, protective element in the superego.The decline of the superego disturbs the equilibrium to a dangerous degree.My adolescence was a triumph of the superego over the id.The agency implicated in these is clearly not the id, nor simply the ego, but rather the superego.