agoraphobia agoraphobic -aholic analyse analysis analyst anorexia antidepressant autism battle fatigue behaviourism breakdown bulimia catharsis certify claustrophobia cognition cognitive complex compulsive counsel counselling crazed crazy defence mechanism delusion demented dementia denial depressed depression depressive(a) depressive(n) deranged diminished responsibility dipsomaniac disordered disturbance dysfunctional eating disorder eccentricity ego electric shock therapy emotional exhibitionism extra-sensory perception fixation Freudian Freudian slip group therapy hallucinate hydrophobia hypnosis hypnotic hypnotise hypnotist hypnotize id inferiority complex insane insanity kleptomania kleptomaniac libido linear maladjusted mania manic manic depression manic depressive mental mental age mental hospital mentally handicapped midlife crisis misogynist mixed up nerve nervous nervous breakdown nervous system neural neuro- neurology neurosis neurotic obsessive oedipal Oedipus complex padded cell paranoia paranoid pathological pathology patterning phallic phobia -phobia phrenology post-traumatic stress disorder precognition psyche psychiatric psychiatrist psychiatry psychic psycho psycho- psychoanalysis psychoanalyst psychoanalyze psychobabble psychodrama psychokinesis psychological psychologist psychology psychopath psychosis psychosomatic psychotherapy psychotic pyromaniac repression residential treatment facility Rorschach test sadism sadist safety valve sanity scar(n) scar(v) schizoid schizophrenia schizophrenic(a) schizophrenic(n) screwed up socialize sociopath split personality subconscious(a) subconscious(n) suggestion superego therapy torment trance trauma voyeur well-adjusted


psy‧chol‧o‧gy W3 plural psychologies
1 [uncountable]MP the study of the mind and how it influences people's behaviour
educational/social etc psychology
experts in the field of developmental psychology
2 [uncountable] the mental processes involved in believing in something or doing a certain activity
psychology of
research into the psychology of racism
3 [uncountable and countable]MP what someone thinks or believes, and how this affects what they do:
the psychology of three-year-olds
mob psychology
You have to use psychology to get people to stop smoking.