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Date: 1400-1500
Language: French
Origin: Late Latin mentalis, from Latin mens 'mind'


men‧tal S2 W2
1 [only before noun]MP relating to the health or state of someone's mind [↪ psychiatric]:
The centre provides help for people suffering from mental illness.
Stress has an effect on both your physical and mental health.
2 [only before noun]MP relating to the mind and thinking, or happening only in the mind:
a child's mental development
You need to develop a positive mental attitude.
mental picture/image (=a picture that you form in your mind)
I tried to get a mental picture of him from her description.

make a mental note

to make a special effort to remember something:
Sarah made a mental note to ask Janine about it later.

mental block

a difficulty in remembering something or in understanding something:
I got a complete mental block as soon as the interviewer asked me a question.

go mental

British English spoken informal
a) to get very angry
b) to start behaving in an uncontrolled or excited way
6 [not before noun] British English informal thinking or behaving in a way that seems crazy or strange:
He must be mental!
mentally adverb:
She's obviously mentally ill.
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