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Topic: Race relations

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishracerace1 /reɪs/ ●●● S2 W2 noun  1 sport [countable]DSO a competition in which people or animals compete to run, drive etc fastest and finish firstin a race He will be the youngest runner in the race. Over 80 cars will take part in the race.race between the annual boat race between Oxford and Cambridge Universities2 people a) [countable, uncountable] one of the main groups that humans can be divided into according to the colour of their skin and other physical featuresethnic group The school welcomes children of all races. a person of mixed race The law forbids discrimination on the grounds of race or religion. human race b) [singular] informal a group of people who are similar in some wayrace of The 1960s produced a new race of young novelists. Are schools breeding (=producing) a race of children incapable of making decisions for themselves?3 get/do something first [singular]COMPETE WITH/TRY TO BEAT a situation in which one group of people tries to obtain or achieve something before another group doesthe race to do something More and more drug companies are joining the race to beat cancer. The race is on to develop more environmentally friendly forms of energy. arms race, rat race4 do something quickly [singular] a situation in which you have to do something very quickly because you have very little time availablea race to do something It is now a race to find the killer.race against time/against the clock The pilot then began a desperate race against time to land the plane before it ran out of fuel.5 prize/power [singular] a situation in which people are competing with each other to win a prize or obtain a position of powerrace for Mr Bird has now officially joined the race for the White House. He is no longer in the race for academic awards.race to do something the race to host the next Olympic Games6 the races play the race card at play1(14)COLLOCATIONSMeaning 1: a competition in which people or animals compete to run, drive etc fastest and finish firstverbscompete in a race (also take part in a race)He is competing in his first race this year.Runners from all over the world will take part in the race.have a raceLet’s have a race!hold a raceThe race will be held on February 25th.win/lose a raceHe did not win another race that season.come first/last etc in a race (also finish first/last etc in a race)She came third in the race.lead the race (=be ahead of everyone else)He led the race from start to finish.finish the raceCongratulations to Matthew, who finished the race in three hours 17 minutes.run a raceI thought I ran a good race.enter somebody/something in a raceThe horse is entered in a race at Worcester the day after tomorrow.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + racetough/hardHe said he expected the race to be tough.the big race (=an important race)There are only three days to go until the big race.a 3000 metres/10 km etc raceHe finished first in the 100 metres race.a horse/boat/bike etc raceIt’s legal to gamble on horse races.a road race (=when people run, cycle etc on ordinary roads)She regularly competes in 10 kilometre road races. COLLOCATIONSMeaning 5: a situation in which people are competing with each other to win a prize or obtain a position of powerverbsenter/join the raceThere was speculation that another candidate might enter the race.drop out of/withdraw from the raceHe dropped out of the presidential race three weeks ago.stay in the raceForbes has the money to stay in the mayoral race as long as he likes.win a raceIt looks as though he will win the race to be the Democratic presidential candidate.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + race close/tight Most people were predicting a close race.a three-horse/three-way race (=when three people have a chance of winning)In a three-way race, Clinton received 47 percent, Dole 35 percent, Perot 10 percent.a two-horse/two-way raceIt soon became clear that it would be a two-horse race.a one-horse raceThis is turning into a one-horse race.a presidential/Senate/mayoral raceHe put $12 million of his own money into a Senate race.phrasesbe still in the race (=still have a chance of winning)Swindon Town is still in the race, despite losing to Manchester City on Saturday. THESAURUSMeaning 2: race one of the main groups of people in the world, who have the same colour of skin and other physical featuresEverybody should be treated equally regardless of their race or sex.race relations (=the relationship between people of different races)nation a country and its people, or a group of people with the same history and languageJapan has become one of the richest nations in the world.Our dream is for a united Arab nation.people the people who belong to a particular country, race, or area. The plural of this meaning of people is peoplesthe American peoplethe native peoples of the islandstribe a group of people in a country who are the same race, with the same traditional way of life and the same leadera tribe in Papua New GuineaBedouin tribesethnic group a group of people of the same race, nation, or tribeWithin Namibia there are more than a dozen different ethnic groups.the needs of minority ethnic groups
Examples from the Corpus
racehuman beings of all racespeople of all races and religionsMary was discriminated against because of her age and race.This is presumably what happens in the cases of light, match and race discussed above.Some of the new proteins result from an arms race between animals and plants.A test ban that could not inspire confidence would undermine stability and might even provoke a new arms race.the arms racethe annual university boat race between Oxford and Cambridgethe Breeder's Cup races at Churchill Downs.Lewis won his final race.And they now look set to promote more harmonious race relations in the community after passing with flying colours.Her husband spent all their money gambling on horse races.From then on she discovered many things about the human race, but could find no explanations for them.The group is working to improve race relations in our cities.It's a 10 kilometer race from downtown to the river.He lost to Pfeiffer in last year's mayoral race.Krystal has already qualified for the hundred-metre race in the Olympics next year.a person of mixed racethe Nordic racesStill others require respondents to choose just one race category.Studies are under way to find out why men of some races are more prone to some forms of cancer than others.Glengormley's Jeremy McWilliam's gave the home fans a further treat with victories in both Superbike races.He lost to Pfeiffer in the race for district attorney.In the race for the White House, candidates will promise almost anything.Hill won the race, and Schumacher finished second.People should be treated equally, regardless of their race, age, or sex.He's won three races in a row, using the same car and the same engine.in a raceFor Rufus this was a crash course in race relations and show business.Twenty-six racial equality officers came to the university to enrol in classes for the first ever diploma in race and community relations.If anyone wanted to marry her, they had to beat her in a race.Thirteen people have been killed and more than a hundred and seventy injured in race riots in Los Angeles.Under safety regulations, no jockey was allowed to ride in a race within one week of being concussed.He uses the whip in a race very judiciously.of all racesRapid economic growth, he said, would ensure the fulfilment of the aspirations of all races.In the figure of the bandit Joaquin Murieta, Californians of all races joined together to create a fable of payback.Folks of all races use this option all the time.Nursing can provide me with: An opportunity to work with and care for people of all races, communities and creeds.Although predominantly black, the looters included people of all races.That ad appeals to people of all races.People of all races, colours and creeds have to live together, must co-exist.Women of all races, ethnicities and classes went overwhelmingly for Clinton on Election Day.the race to do somethingThis began the race to find the perfect pump designed for heavy-duty use in rural communities of developing countries.In most cities, Klochko and Strelets race from the race to the airport.Jockey Pat Eddery will switch to Wharf, originally in the race to make the pace for Zafonic.Men's fashion often gets overlooked in the race to predict the latest and most fashionable trends in womens' clothes.Bob Dole none the less remains the front-runner in the race to win the Republican presidential nomination.The company has joined the race to develop the television of the future.It is a change that will shape the race to the White House.The publication of the research may puzzle those who thought that the race to the human genome was over last June.Cambridge took the race to us and destroyed everything we tried to put together.a race to do somethingIt had been a race to remember.For a race to have so many multiple lead changes is unusual.He went on several more expeditions to the Himalaya and was involved in a race to the south pole.Evolution is, for most of the time, a race to stay in the same place.Under the old code, it was a race to see who could get what sort of tax advantage.It was a race to get the car ready in time.race forAthens' main competition in the race for the 2004 Olympic Games is Rome.