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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishethnocentriceth‧no‧cen‧tric /ˌeθnəʊˈsentrɪk◂ $ -noʊ-/ adjective  SSRbased on the idea that your own race, nation, group etc is better than any other – used to show disapproval ethnocentric history textbooksethnocentrism noun [uncountable]ethnocentricity /ˌeθnəʊsenˈtrɪsəti $ -noʊ-/ noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
ethnocentricMedia theories, as developed in the past, are uniquely national and ethnocentric.Such an approach is not only unscientific: it is also arrogantly ethnocentric.Without this cross-cultural breadth their argument appears parochial and ethnocentric.It also helps us understand the ethnocentric and ruling-class view of much conservative criminology.The fact that Western cultures were placed by the anthropologists on the uppermost rungs reflects their ethnocentric perspective!Subtly mythic and ethnocentric, the novel is one of Naipaul's most rewarding.He argued that it is too simplistic, and indeed ethnocentric, to dismiss such peoples as irrational and unscientific.