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multiracial in Race relations topic

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmultiracialmul‧ti‧ra‧cial /ˌmʌltɪˈreɪʃəl◂/ adjective  SSRincluding or involving several different races of peoplemulticultural a multiracial society
Examples from the Corpus
multiracialThese groups initially were Latino or black; increasingly, though, they are multiracial.The multiracial ensemble provides cushiony support to Anderson and other vocal soloists in traditional and original music.Curtis' incipiently multiracial ideas seemed at first rather startling to some other members of the Round.In the multiracial, multicultural society which the United Kingdom has become, there are adjustments to be made on all sides.With increasing multiracial societies in most countries and the speed of modern-day travel such patients are found in hospitals throughout the world.Finally, the difficulties of devising appropriate services in a multiracial society are also considered.a multiracial societyBy courageously confronting the cultural dimensions of education, we can make the changes necessary to educate a multiracial student population.