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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishamplifieram‧pli‧fi‧er /ˈæmpləfaɪə $ -faɪər/ noun [countable]  amplifier.jpg TCRa piece of electrical equipment that makes sound louder syn amp
Examples from the Corpus
amplifierThey stole a television, compact disc player, an amplifier and some speakers, worth a total of £900.Through an amplifier, the New York maintains its acoustic brightness and bluntly refuses to be anything other than a blank canvas.Analysing the series-voltage case first, the open-circuit and loaded voltage gains of the open-loop amplifier are defined as and respectively.There is and always has been a yawning gap at the budget end of the amplifier market.There was no way the amplifier and these cables could live together.Just another snooty $ 3,000 vacuum tube amplifier, I thought.The changes might include a handicapped parking space or a phone voice amplifier.Below is a six-channel, 600-watt amplifier.