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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishearphoneear‧phone /ˈɪəfəʊn $ ˈɪrfoʊn/ noun [usually plural]  TCRa small piece of equipment connected by a wire to a radio, personal stereo etc, which you put in or over your ears so that only you can listen to it
Examples from the Corpus
earphoneJust as consumers were digesting that idea, another report concluded earphones might actually increase the risk.Franny has taken off her earphones.The foreigner stumbled on a few steps, his brains leaking out around his earphones, and collapsed in a heap.Ear defenders: Are supplied in the form of plug or fibre ear inserts or earphone types which fully enclose the ear.I stay in, play Bach on the earphones and vacuum the broadloom.I want to shake Franny or smash the earphones.Another part I thought was bad was the earphone.Insert the jack plug into the stereo unit earphone socket and turn the volume control to a low level.