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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishldoce_190_elabella‧bel1 /ˈleɪbəl/ ●●● S3 W3 AWL noun [countable]  1 Da piece of paper or another material that is attached to something and gives information about itcare label a luggage labelon the label It says ‘Dry clean’ on the label.2 CALL/DESCRIBE ASa word or phrase which is used to describe a person, group, or thing, but which is unfair or not correct Men these days have to avoid attracting the ‘sexist’ label.3 TCRa record company their new release on the Ace Sounds label4 designer label own label
Examples from the Corpus
labelLabels on clothes should be removed for kids with sensitive skin.It was Elton John, a piano-playing singer-songwriter, who signed Sedaka to his new label.Helios is the mid-price label published by Hyperion.He objects to the sexist label - he doesn't think he's sexist at all.Such labels bear a striking resemblance to advertising bill boards.Stacy blushes at the label "father" of the institution, but admits he likes it.At one time he was given the label "communist" for his opposition to the Vietnam war.There are lots of companies who will take charge of this whole operation, including the printing and fixing of the labels.Use a liquid fertilizer, following the directions on the label.And I smelled the pungent stickiness of the glue when I pasted the labels on the matchboxes, table, and chairs.Some consumer watchdogs are concerned that the labels on the bottles aren't clear enough.This label reflects the apparent concentration of power in executives and the relative decline of legislatures' powers.But those labels are broadly applied.The group has just produced their new album on the Warner label.on the labelFill in the form on page 18 with the same details as on the label.It dries surprisingly quickly, and providing it's laundered as directed on the label it's relatively crease resistant.Poultry burgers must consist of 100 percent poultry meat of the kind indicated on the label.However, they said they were not certain the drink actually contained the ingredients on the label.He also hopes to exploit the Burke's name by reproducing it on the labels of clarets, burgundies and champagnes.It doesn't make a lot of sense to them to sell margarine without a name on the label.She thought that she had bought the chicken that was pictured on the label.My name was on the label.