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recordre‧cord2 /rɪˈkɔːd $ -ɔːrd/ ●●● S3 W2 verb  1 [transitive]RECORD to write information down or store it in a computer or on film so that it can be looked at in the future Her husband made her record every penny she spent.record that He recorded that the operation was successful. In 1892 it is recorded that the weather became so cold that the river froze over. The coroner recorded a verdict of accidental death.2 [intransitive, transitive]TCR to store music, sound, television programmes etc on a disc or tape so that people can listen to them or watch them again The group has just recorded a new album. Is the machine still recording? I’ll record the film and we can all watch it later.3 [transitive]TM if an instrument records the size, speed, temperature etc of something, it measures it and keeps that information Wind speeds of up to 100 mph have been recorded.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
recordWashington, D.C. police recorded 483 murders in 1990.Only 13 cases of this disease have ever been recorded.Last year the company recorded a profit of £1.4 million.Each time any plant material was harvested, it was laboriously weighed and recorded by the biospherians.During the decades that followed the war, record collectors heard that acetate discs had been recorded but never broadcast.Would you set the VCR to record ER for me tonight?Police recorded his speed at 99.04 miles per hour.For the Shema prayer is recorded in the book of Moses we call Deuteronomy, which is our first reading this morning.The expedition recorded many new species of plants.They are not restricted, as formal databases are, to record material that is highly structured.The whole incident was recorded on an amateur video tape.All transactions had to be recorded on government-provided fiscal receipts with special stamps.Are we recording? Push that red button to start it.A final communiqué recorded that "a thorough and candid discussion has taken place".Make sure you record the date you bought the tickets.The meteorological office recorded the lowest rainfall in 10 years.I still have the tape on which I recorded the songs and music of that evening.Do as many as you can and record your steps.record thatThere is no record that an autopsy was carried out.He set the school record that day in the 200 meters, McKinney said.Three living dolphin groups have a record that extends back to about the late Miocene period some 11 million years ago.Dan's notes record that he saw eleven B-17s go down.I can only record that prisoners and prison staff displayed a rare unanimity in condemning the present system.It was the Comets' answer to the regular-season record that showed them 0-3 against the Sparks.Police said he had a history of mental illness and a criminal record that they would not disclose last night.These exercises can be done to a strong rhythm, so choose a record that you will enjoy working out to.