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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrecordingre‧cord‧ing /rɪˈkɔːdɪŋ $ -ɔːr-/ ●●○ W3 noun  1 [countable]TCR music, sound, or images that have been stored on a disc, computer file, or taperecording of Have you heard the new recording of Mozart’s Requiem? a video recording of the interview2 [uncountable] the act of storing sound or images on tape or discsrecording studio/equipment etc (=a studio etc used for recording music)
Examples from the Corpus
recordingI called her office but just got a recording.The accurate recording of fluid balance is therefore of vital importance.This VCR is easy to program for automatic recording.Of course the importance of a high quality of case recording is clearly recognised but a rushed volunteer might leave gaps in case recording.As commonly occurs with solo harpsichord and guitar recordings, a reduced volume setting is needed to give the correct aural loudness.In other words, a particular recording has defined the standard, rather than the work itself!This chapter will discuss the main long-term contracts which a potential recording artist is likely to sign.The recording is arguably a little close but otherwise fine.recording ofa recording of Vivaldi's "Gloria"recording studio/equipment etcTop prize is a day at a recording studio.Collectors would give anything for the chance to hear him project his art to us from the clarity of a recording studio.He began in the music business running a recording studio and in band management.From these it is clear that the star created mayhem in any recording studio.Taylor, 47, was taken ill last week while working on his third album in a Florida recording studio.Until the record's recent completion, the room served as a home recording studio for Neneh, Cameron and Dollar.Still others mimic professional recording studios by letting users finely control many aspects of the musical sounds.Cameras and sound recording equipment were discreetly sited in the shop soas to record all that occurred over the counter.