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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishreplayre‧play1 /ˈriːpleɪ/ ●○○ noun [countable]  1 DSa game that is played again because neither team won the first time Milan won the semi-final replay 3–0.2 DSTCRthe playing again of an important part of a sports event being shown on television, usually at a slower speed so that it can be examined it more clearly You can see on the replay that the goalkeeper was fouled. action replay3 informalAGAIN something that is done exactly as it was beforereplay of a replay of the same old mistakes
Examples from the Corpus
replayUncertainty over the outcome of the election and the possibility of a replay in the autumn has undoubtedly delayed recovery.Recent developments suggest a replay of that 1992 incident.In the Down hurling final replay Ballycran will meet Ballygalget.The television cameras captured the violence and played it again in instant replay.Along with that, the league should reinstitute the use of instant replay.Instant replays showed that Griffith caught the ball.Northampton lost 1-0 in the replay - but the best was yet to come.The third umpire said the replay was inconclusive as de Silva dived to make his ground.Television commentators often use the replays to criticize the officials.replay ofRepublicans are hoping for a replay of the 1988 elections.