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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspeakerspeak‧er /ˈspiːkə $ -ər/ ●●● S2 W2 noun [countable]  1 TALK/MAKE A SPEECHsomeone who makes a formal speech to a group of peoplespeaker at the guest speaker at the conference The keynote speaker (=main or most important speaker) was Robert Venturi, the architect.after-dinner speaker (=someone who makes a speech after a formal meal)2 SLLSPEAK A LANGUAGEsomeone who speaks a particular languageFrench-speaker/Spanish-speaker etcspeaker of Some English words are difficult for speakers of other languages. a native speaker of Chinese3 TCRAMTthe part of a radio, sound system etc where the sound comes out4 formal someone who says something Pay attention to the body language of the speaker.5 the Speaker6 the Speaker of the HouseCOLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + speakera public speakerHe was a good public speaker.an after-dinner speaker (=someone who makes speeches after formal meals)As every after-dinner speaker knows, a joke or two is always much appreciated.the guest speakerThe guest speaker will be the Secretary of State for Health.the keynote/main speaker (=the most important speaker)the keynote speaker at the seminar, Dr Paul Messina
Examples from the Corpus
speakerSpeakers of Cantonese often cannot understand speakers of Mandarin.The Baby pushes out 30 watts through a single ten-inch dual-cone speaker, and features two channels.The hotel has two English speakers on its staff.Doug Williams is the first speaker in tonight's debate.Everyone tells me I'm a good speaker, but I really hate doing it.Each week the school has a different guest speaker come and talk to the students.Jennings was one of the keynote speakers at the conference's opening session Thursday.Former President Carter will be the main speaker at the graduation.A compact disk player, rare for its day, fed Chopin and the Rolling Stones into fierce-looking, six-foot MartinLogan speakers.All our English teachers are native speakers.What could be more fun than heckling the problem speaker at your own eulogy?Kennedy was known as a brilliant public speaker.The speaker has, in the past, paid a fine for not disclosing fully his property ventures with lobbyists.after-dinner speakerHe lived among them, took his meals with them in the dining-room, and trained them as after-dinner speakers and lecturers.As every after-dinner speaker knows, a toast to the guests requires a gentle ribbing of the guests.The seasoned after-dinner speaker will know what to expect as soon as he enters the room and meets the organiser.One of the after-dinner speakers said the day had come to be regarded by tradesmen as the holiday of the year.native speakerThere has been an assumption in the past that anyone who is a native speaker of English is equipped to teach English.This involves accessing, directly or indirectly, the intuition of a native speaker.As we have already noted, pidgins are generally used by native speakers of other languages as a medium of communication.You will need one or more native speakers of the language to help you in your learning.Is it possible for people who are not native speakers of a particular language to be fully aware of its social dimensions?Generative grammar rejects the empirical nature of structural linguistics and instead uses linguistic intuitions of native speakers.The book is aimed at learners of English rather than native speakers.The course writer attempts to cover the experience of the native speaker in about 2000 hours of learning.A further 120 were engaged in subsidiary Modern Languages courses, of whom seven were native speakers.