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videovideo3 adjective  [only before noun]TCRTCB relating to or used in the process of recording and showing pictures on televisionaudio video production video materials for language teaching
Examples from the Corpus
videoYour full-motion video advisers will be William Shatner as Capt.Mitra installed a video camera on a tree nearby to watch over the kiosk and observe what the children did.But the real thrill for some riders is the chance to perform for the video camera.Covert video cameras and hand-held laser devices will be among the equipment used at weekends, they warn.video equipmentOn the video footage, which was shot by investigators the spring after the nightmare, birds twitter.The video ref gave it and Lansdowne Road erupted, especially after O'Gara added the conversion from wide on the touchline.Choosing a video store is a very personal decision.The video version was shot at Stonehenge.