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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishWalkmanWalk‧man /ˈwɔːkmən $ ˈwɒːk-/ noun (plural Walkmans) [countable]  trademarkTCR a small MP3 player with headphones, that you carry with you so that you can listen to music syn personal stereo
Examples from the Corpus
WalkmanAnd at the bottom, wrapped in the light-red scarf Carolina had often worn to class, is a Walkman.It was in that same room where Spider played with his Walkman that Miguel had first met him.He can't have thrown away my Walkman!After that I listened to my Walkman, and later talked to Ron.I still remember the looks on their faces when we let them listen to the Rolling Stones on our Walkmans.Under his blue knit watch cap he wore small Walkman earphones, and he heard everything they said.The Sony Walkman would fit into this quadrant.The Walkman was lying in the road beside the vehicles, and Spicer later returned four cassettes taken from the Peugeot.