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acolyte afterlife agnostic angel animism anoint apostasy apostate archangel believe believer bell-ringer bless blessed blessing celebrant Christian Science circumcise circumcision communion confession convent conversion convert coreligionist cowl credo creed cult daemon Decalogue defrock deism denomination denominational devotee devotion devotional devout divine divinity druid faith fast day feast fervour fiesta follow frankincense gentile god goddess grace habit hair shirt hallelujah hallowed halo heathen(a) heathen(n) heaven heavenly hell heresy heretic hermit hermitage heterodox high priest idol idolatry incarnation incense infidel intercession invocation invoke irreligious -ism layman laywoman libation liturgical liturgy martyr(n) martyr(v) meditate meditation mission monastery monastic monk monotheism Moonie Mormon Mosaic mystery play mystic mystical mysticism neophyte novice novitiate numinous nun nunnery oblation observance offering Olympian ordain order orthodox otherworldly pagan(a) pagan(n) pantheism pantheon Parsee pilgrim pilgrimage pious pluralism polytheism practise pray prayer prayer wheel preach preacher priest priestess priesthood priestly prophet prophetess purify Rasta Rastafarian Rastaman RE recant reincarnation religion religious religiously reliquary repent retreat revelation revivalism rite ritual sacred sacrifice(n) sacrifice(v) sacrificial sanctify sanctity sanctuary sanctum satanism scripture sect sectarian service shaman Shinto shrine sin(n) sin(v) sinful sinner soul spirit spiritual spiritualism spirituality Sr sun god suppliant supplicant supplication Supreme Being Tao Taoism temple tenet thanksgiving theism theo- theocracy theologian theological college theology tonsure transcendental transcendental meditation transmigration unbelief unbeliever ungodly unholy unorthodox visionary voodoo votary worship(v) worship(n)

Date: 1100-1200
Language: Latin
Origin: religio, probably from religare; RELY


re‧li‧gion S2 W2
1 [uncountable] a belief in one or more gods:
The U.S. Constitution promises freedom of religion.
a course on philosophy and religion
2 [countable] a particular system of this belief and all the ceremonies and duties that are related to it:
the Islamic religion
The tribe practised a religion that mixed native beliefs and Christianity.

find/get religion

to suddenly become interested in religion in a way that seems strange to other people:
Miller found religion in prison.

something is (like) a religion

used when saying that something is very important to someone and they are extremely interested in it and spend a lot of time doing it, watching it etc:
Football was a religion in my family.
WORD FOCUS: religion WORD FOCUS: religion
faith one of the world's main religions, for example Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, or Christianity
a Christian religious group, for example the Catholic Church
a religious group that is part of a larger religious group but has slightly different beliefs, for example a Buddhist sect
an extreme religious group that is not part of an established religion
faith community
a group of people living in the same area, who have a particular religion
not relating to religion or any religious group
religion religious, devout, orthodox, holy, sacred, atheist, agnostic
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