1 [countable] something that you have or something that happens which is good because it improves your life, helps you in some way, or makes you happy:
The dishwasher has been a real blessing!
it is a blessing (that)
It's a blessing no-one was badly hurt.
2 [uncountable] someone's approval or encouragement for a plan, activity, idea etc
with somebody's blessing
They were determined to marry, with or without their parents' blessing.
The Defense Department has given its blessing to the scheme.

a mixed blessing

a situation that has both good and bad parts:
Having children so early in their marriage was a mixed blessing.

a blessing in disguise

something that seems to be bad or unlucky at first, but which you later realize is good or lucky

count your blessings

used to tell someone to remember how lucky they are, especially when they are complaining about something
6 [uncountable and countable]RR protection and help from God, or words spoken to ask for this:
The priest gave the blessing.

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