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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconventcon‧vent /ˈkɒnvənt $ ˈkɑːnvent/ noun [countable]  RRTBBa building or set of buildings where nuns livemonastery convent school
Examples from the Corpus
conventCecilia, remaining faithful to her vow to the end, plans to enter a convent.Dona Mencia takes place in Madrid in two different spots: in the home of Dona Mencia and in a convent.Eve's room in the Dublin convent had no bedside table with a small radio on it.Flint-based construction company David McLean wants to convert the convent, empty since 1983, for its headquarters and offices.She had the gift of prophecy, performed many miracles and is known to have mysteriously supplied food for the convent.It contrasted unfavourably with the structured clarity of the convent.They had done so well that the convent put photographs of the two girls in the local paper.