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convertcon‧vert2 /ˈkɒnvɜːt $ ˈkɑːnvɜːrt/ noun [countable]  RRCHANGE FROM ONE THING TO ANOTHERsomeone who has been persuaded to change their beliefs and accept a particular religion or opinionconvert to a convert to Christianity recent converts to the cause
Examples from the Corpus
convertNow, she is a convert.a convert to BuddhismIt was called the Moderation Society, and George Mottram was an early convert.Brownson followed him the same year, to become the leading lay convert of his day.Because although economic considerations are normally behind the switch, many new converts rapidly discover they prefer the diesel driving experience.Also patron of converts and divorce.Yet some people of conscience felt they must not write off these possible converts.The young magistrate had embraced orthodoxy with the fervour of a recent convert.