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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdenominationalde‧nom‧i‧na‧tion‧al /dɪˌnɒməˈneɪʃənəl $ dɪˌnɑː-/ adjective  RRrelating or belonging to a particular religious denomination
Examples from the Corpus
denominationalWill the denominational bond overcome the competitive drive of the market economy now introduced into teacher education?Many campus Christian organizations cross denominational lines.We do not try to give it a denominational name.Also, in 1974, an adoption Act made it possible for couples of mixed denominational or religious origin to adopt.The total of those favouring denominational schooling in the initial survey was less than one-third.The conference will also discuss the legalisation of the use and sale of cannabis and whether denominational schooling should be ended.Since the 1830s, these schools, and other denominational schools, had received government grants.Over 3,000 responses from congregations, inter-church study groups, denominational theological commissions and executive councils were received.He is exploring closer links with Diocesan and other denominational youth bodies which overlap in their aims.