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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdevotionde‧vo‧tion /dɪˈvəʊʃən $ -ˈvoʊ-/ ●○○ AWL noun  1 [uncountable]LOVEFAITHFUL the strong love that you show when you pay a lot of attention to someone or somethingdevotion to Alanna has always shown intense devotion to her children.2 [uncountable]SPEND TIME the loyalty that you show towards a person, job etc, especially by working harddedicationdevotion to the soldier’s courage and devotion to duty his integrity and devotion to his patients3 [uncountable]RR strong religious feeling4 devotions
Examples from the Corpus
devotionAt Kemmendine, there were two experienced missionaries, men of outstanding ability, character and devotion.Her life was one of hard work and devotion to her family.Never think that I dismiss lightly the hard work and devotion that go into each small volume.Mary expected complete devotion from her lovers.Parker was applying Herbert Spencer's law of social evolution and the current devotion to organization to the denomination.The constant outpourings of devotion from the Soviet people reached him through the media.Was there really no more to the pitch than this rhetorical protestation of devotion?She had given her husband years of devotion and support.Florence was a frequent visitor ... and had many of her ideas adopted in Parliament through the devotion of her brother-in-law.Who was he to deserve this devotion, or deference or homage or passion or allowance?She gave us unfailing devotion and became an essential part of our family.She cared for her stepmother with unfailing devotion throughout her long illness.devotion toEscalante should be admired for his devotion to improving education.As a child I was always aware of my parents' devotion to each other.devotion to dutyHis courage and devotion to duty never wavered.As a serviceman he was reliable, displaying grit, fearlessness, and devotion to duty, as well as being cheerful and optimistic.But any investigation into his biography seems infinitely more satisfying by reason of his virtue, his courage and his devotion to duty.Always an example of devotion to duty, and as unflinching as a hero in a book.