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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdivinedi‧vine1 /dəˈvaɪn/ ●●○ adjective  1 RRcoming from or relating to God or a goddivine intervention/providence/revelation/guidance etc faith in divine providence divine power divine love2 GOOD/EXCELLENT old-fashioned very pleasant or gooddivinely adverb a divinely inspired idea
Examples from the Corpus
divineYes, it was truly divine.He was fully human as well as fully divine.Instead, they recognized an interlocking trinity of types: animal, human, divine.The combination of sweet prunes and rabbit in this classic dish is divine.He offered a brief prayer for divine guidance.What we may recognize as a scientific principle was enunciated via the theological concept of divine immutability.To perform them is to conform to the divine order which governs all human affairs.The death of a child is commonly seen by members of the tribe as divine punishment.The first Christians also knew that divine resources were more than a match for the dark powers.Singer Sarah Vaughan was often called "the Divine Sarah."The emperor was considered the nation's divine spiritual leader.Encountering him there, Dinah calmly tells him that she can not do without him-it is the divine will that they marry.divine intervention/providence/revelation/guidance etcNor did he find any room for divine intervention.On the one side the appeal was to reason; on the other, to faith and special divine revelation.One is that devout patients may forgo treatment and wait for divine intervention.The ensuing silence indicated that I had not helped matters. l stared at my Keds, hoping for divine guidance.And barring divine intervention, also its last.In the absence of divine intervention, virgin birth for mammals is not an option.To say that the Church was the sole conduit of divine revelation was to dictate terms to the Almighty.We thought there was some sort of divine providence which would somehow or other get us away.