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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfaithfaith /feɪθ/ ●●● S3 W2 noun  1 trust/confidence in somebody/something [uncountable]BELIEVE a strong feeling of trust or confidence in someone or somethinghave faith (in somebody/something) I still have faith in him. ‘Have faith, Alexandra, ’ he said.lose faith (in somebody/something) The public has lost faith in the government.destroy/restore somebody’s faith (in somebody/something) It’s really helped restore my faith in human nature.2 religion a) [uncountable]BELIEVE belief and trust in God deep religious faithfaith in my faith in God b) [countable]RRRELIGION one of the main religions in the world People from all faiths are welcome.the Jewish/Muslim/Hindu etc faith members of the Jewish faith3 break faith with somebody/something4 keep faith with somebody/something5 good faith6 bad faith7 an act of faithCOLLOCATIONSverbshave faithThe public no longer has faith in the government’s policies.have every faith in somebody/something (=trust them completely)We have every faith in your ability to solve the problem.put/place your faith in somebody/somethingThe Conservative party put its faith in the free market.show faith in somebody/somethingThe club have shown faith in the young goalkeeper by offering him a permanent contract.lose faithLocal people have lost faith in the police.destroy somebody’s faith in somebody/somethingTerry’s lies had destroyed Liz’s faith in men.restore somebody’s faith in somebody/something (=make someone’s faith return)His kindness had restored her faith in human nature.adjectivesgreat faithHe had great faith in his team.enormous faithFord placed enormous faith in the new model.complete faithThe owners have complete faith in Sam as manager.blind faith (=trusting someone without thinking)He believes that our blind faith in technology is misplaced.
Examples from the Corpus
faithThe center welcomes people from all faiths.People of all faiths are welcome in this building.By faith they grow in understanding and insight.Godparents agree to educate their godchild in the practice of the Christian faith.The tensions are growing between members of different faiths.Instead of being human and down-to-earth, faith becomes a fragrant, concentrated essence.He had great faith in her judgement, and consulted her about everything.In spite of all that has happened, somehow she has held onto her faith.The judge's decision shook her faith in the legal system.It was her faith in God that helped her survive the long years in prison.He mistrusted the rich, and frequently proclaimed his faith in the people.Nothing could shake his faith in God.This shows the important difference between subjectivism in faith and in doubt.Most of the island's population belong to the Islamic faith.the Jewish faithAfter what she's been through, I can understand why she's lost faith in the legal system.I have not much faith in the League, nor in democracy as an up-to-date technique of government.The only reason I stayed in my marriage was because my faith in religion sustained me.First, it will act as a safeguard against today's widespread and unnecessary breakdown of faith.He places a great deal of faith in people's honesty.He's a man of deep religious faith.Instead of celebrating their religious faith, they are forced to conceal it for fear of reprisals.Given their generally bad state of health and care, slaves turned both to faith and to magic for healing.My mother's total faith in God always amazed me.have faith (in somebody/something)I have faith that they chose the right guy, though.Now just have faith in your Auntie Noreen.The Government's dilemma is that sterling is falling because the financial markets no longer have faith in government policy towards the pound.I may have faith strong enough to move mountains; but if I have no love, I am nothing.If you didn't have faith, then you weren't anything.But then as I said before, I don't have faith.Now was the time to have faith, of course, but it was hard.Mostly, though, he wanted to have faith.faith inHer faith in God is unshakable.