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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfiestafi‧es‧ta /fiˈestə/ noun [countable]  RRa religious holiday with dancing, music etc, especially in Spain and South America
Examples from the Corpus
fiestaIn part two: Flying finish ... Oxford United have a Ford fiesta.El Carnaval is a historic fiesta dating back more than 100 years.For Televisa that could mean the end of a luxurious fiesta.The dance floor is dim, and colored lights give the bland cafeteria walls and the sagging crepe the snap of fiesta.Unfortunately, time took its toll: By 1900 the fiesta had largely faded from view.Gibbs brought mushrooms for the fiesta.The staff returning from the fiesta in Palma?Entrance to the fiesta is free and there will be charge of £1 for car parking.