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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhaloha‧lo /ˈheɪləʊ $ -loʊ/ noun (plural halos) [countable]  1 RRa bright circle that is often shown above or around the heads of holy people in religious art2 Ca circle of light or something brighthalo of a halo of sunlight a halo of blonde curls
Examples from the Corpus
haloSince it formed a halo over the puck, did that amount to the same thing?For example, Nina Hagen appears as a sickly-sweet Madonna with husband and child under a halo of circus lights.When shot from a special camera, the RoboPuck is seen on television with a halo.A halo of wispy blonde curls capped her pretty face.It was here that the rising air from the plain turned to vapour and formed the miraculous halo.She is also wearing a silver-gray disk that appears like an oval halo behind her head.A ragged halo of smoky-blue cloud wraps round the intense silver glow.At the day's end, when everything cools down again, the halo disappears.Recognizing the voice, I immediately moved out of the halo of the marijuana smoke.